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As the Rogue Valley's favorite air conditioning contractors, it’s no wonder that we’ve spent the last few decades helping people get the most from their home’s air conditioning systems. As specialists in smart energy renovations, we’ve been keeping homeowners comfortable and happy in their homes during all the warm months of the year. If you have any question about our Medford Air Conditioning Services, then give us a call for more information.

Did you know that the average American family pays about 40% of their energy bill for air conditioning of the house during summer months? It doesn’t have to be this way!


At Nathan Perry Heating & Air Conditioning, we are specialists in the energy-efficient design, install and maintenance of custom air conditioning systems for your home. We feature ducted, duct-less, and high velocity mini-duct systems from quality manufacturers like Tempstar, Honeywell and Daikin.

When we evaluate your home’s specific and unique cooling needs, we use only the latest technology to perform testing that other companies wouldn’t even bother checking for. Using sophisticated load-analysis computer software, we will zone your space to provide a solution that is energy-efficient and comfortable. With this testing and other details all considered, you’ll have cool and comfortable air in all rooms of your home.

When the temperature heats up outdoors, you depend on your cooling system to keep you cool indoors. Talk to our professional air conditioning contractors today about our selection of quality air conditioning systems and our professional Southern Oregon air conditioning services.


Nathan Perry's expert air conditioning contractors are your reliable installation experts for a comfortable, cool environment in your home.


All considerations of your home are taken into account when we custom design the right system for you. With maximum energy efficiency always on our minds, you’ll have an A/C system that you’ll always be able to count on while you enjoy comfortably cool air in your home.


When your air conditioning has trouble keeping you cool, you need expert troubleshooters from Nathan Perry Heating & Air Conditioning.


Your home may be experiencing climate problems, like too much or too little humidity, which affects your air conditioner’s ability to cool your home down. Mechanical failures are usually the problem, but all aspects of your home’s systems are considered when you get the expert care you deserve from our professional air conditioning contractors.


Bad or missing insulation may also play a factor in why your A/C isn’t able to provide sufficient cooling. Along with our decades of experience in the industry, we have all the latest and most sophisticated tools available to locate the problem and get it taken care of for you.


Zoned HVAC systems allow the building or home to be divided into two or more separate zones. These types of systems give more control over the heating and cooling system and provide individual control of temperatures in each zone. For example, you can keep the temperature lower in the kitchen and higher in the bedrooms.


Typically, the home is divided into zones that have similar heating and cooling needs. Electronically controlled modulating dampers and electronic thermostats automatically adjust the temperature in each zone. This saves energy by not heating or cooling areas of the home where it’s not needed.


Although zoning doesn’t affect the efficiency of an HVAC system, it does make the most efficient use of the system. On average, zoned systems can save consumers up to 30 percent off of their heating and cooling expenses.


Split and multi-split type air conditioning systems offer superior performance, energy-efficiency, and comfort in stylish solutions conforming to all interior spaces and lifestyles.


Daikin systems deliver one of the highest efficiencies on the market and are very popular with homeowners.

Compact size and ease of installation make split and multi-split air conditioners the popular choice for new construction and renovation projects. Utilizing unique cutting-edge technology, Daikin further raises the bar with high-capacity air conditioners offering unrivaled performance and energy-savings.


If you’ve been looking for a way to provide your home with better ventilation during the months when your windows are closed, consider an energy recovery ventilator (ERV).


This device not only improves ventilation, it uses the energy from your stale air to improve energy efficiency.


At Nathan Perry Heating & Air Conditioning, we strongly encourage proactive HVAC maintenance due to many important benefits.


Just as your vehicle needs regular service to ensure that everything is operating correctly, your heating and cooling equipment should be inspected and adjusted to achieve optimum performance.


Nathan Perry Heating & Air Conditioning offers annual Preventative Maintenance Agreements to help you get the most out of your HVAC system and ensure your home and family maintain a year round comfort level.


We perform HVAC inspections for real estate brokers in the Rogue Valley.


We can also provide an HVAC inspection letter that details the current condition of the equipment, as well as suggested repairs or replacements and their estimated costs.

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Nathan Perry Heating & Air Conditioning also offers sheetmetal and ductwork fabrication for residential and light commercial applications.


So we’ve seen every kind of job, from the large and small, to one-of-a-kind projects and those that are also run-of-the-mill.


Faulty ductwork can account for up to 30% of your home’s total air loss. One of the best ways to combat this kind of air loss is by scheduling a professional duct sealing appointment.


All duct work is sealed with mastic for zero leakage. New duct installation comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


Our experts are trained to deal with all kinds of ductwork issues, and we’ll make sure your duct sealing helps you regain comfort and energy efficiency.

Nathan Perry Heating and Air Conditioning can service, repair, or replace your residential and light commercial hvac heating cooling systems in southern oregon, medford, and the rogue valley

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